Friday, 26 June 2009

Mourning the greatest of them all...

I'm aware of the fact that this must have been written and talked about endlessly already but I too need to express my feelings of utter sadness after hearing about Michael Jackson's death. My childhood heroe. The first CD I ever owned was "Dangerous". I think my parents bought it for me when I turned 6. How I loved it, as did my sister. We had a massive (very old-school) CD-player in the kitchen and that's where we would be listening to him. When I got older (like 12) my friends and I used to have MJ-sessions, just listening to his songs for hours. And YES, I'm the type of fan that always loved him not caring much about what was written about him. How I wish that I could of just seen him perform once, it would've been amazing.

How I love this song!

And this (the fan in this video is so funny)

And this

Well, needless to say I love ALL his songs!

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