Monday, 23 November 2009

Michael I LOVE YOU

This is so beautiful. "Michael I love you, you're more than just a star to me..."

Saturday, 21 November 2009


While in London I did manage to buy a few things too, here's some:

Even though I love my new shoes I really have to get used to them, not used to the chunkiness...

1. Barry M Nail Paint (279 and 295)
2. Black bag - second hand
3. DM's

Friday, 20 November 2009

London - weekend

I spent my past weekend in lovely London with some of my lovliest friends. A great part of the time rain was pouring down but that didn't stop me from missing my old home ever so much... Well, as the Swedes say: a little (a few days that is) is better than nothing. Actually visited Blackheath and Greenwhich for the first time, beautiful indeed. And though the rain can be a pain it kind of did create a pretty "light" in some of the photos.

My darling - Dani, ever so stylish!

Military pose in bright, bright light...

Eh, two of them were already missing when we bought them...

Dani's wall art

Also some toilet art

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Don't we all just love the mini? Well, I know I do and definitely not because I've got great legs, on the contrary. In some cases shorter make better... Obviously I'm not refering to the skanky, stripper way of wearing the mini but to the pretty way it's worn as showcased above.

Pics borrowed from: and

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Bow for B-day

I wore this to my luvvie's birthday dinner a while ago, some new pieces and some super old ones. We had sushi - again! Well what can I say ma boy loves it and for his birthday he should get whatever he wants (shouldn't everyone..?). Not that I mind though. Want more ribbons for bows, velvet maybe? By the way my camera insisted on making it look like I've got a glass-eye which is not the case. Though I do like the pirate looks sometimes.

I'm liking the long bits (back and front) of this shirt, hides wobbly bits well... Oh yeah, new tights too!

Shirt - H&M, Tights - H&M, Shoes - Vintage, Bow - Some old ribbon

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Little Ashes

I watched this beautiful but oh so sad film yesterday and as a result I had a visit from sadness and frustration. Today when reflecting over it relief was keeping me company, relief over living in this time and these societies (I have many homes...). Yet some individuals do still today believe they have the right to judge and dictate the feeelings of others. Can we control our feelings? I'd say no more than we can control the colour of our skin. And all hateful individuals, that call themselves "good citizens"should stop blaming God. Am I a Christian? I do not need a label. One thing is rather clear though, which any person would know if using common sense and that is that life is better with more love (any kind) and less hate. Would you not agree?
Enough preaching. Back to film thoughts, the clothes! The boys are so finely dressed and simply beautiful.

Friday, 6 November 2009

A few favourites...

Just sharing a few of my favourite pieces. Lovely red blazer (gift from my dear sister) and thee most comfy top adorned by the fierce Grace Jones!

Blazer - vintage, top - Zara, shoes - vintage

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

English it is

They just all look so hot, love it! I randomly watched the film on TV the other night and yeah it's great but I couldn't help the fact that I was mainly thinking about what they were wearing... Call me shallow but in my defense I'll just say that I've watched it before (I'd think I was more focused on the plot then...).

By the way I'm hoping to become a proud owner of these babies very soon...