Sunday, 8 November 2009

Little Ashes

I watched this beautiful but oh so sad film yesterday and as a result I had a visit from sadness and frustration. Today when reflecting over it relief was keeping me company, relief over living in this time and these societies (I have many homes...). Yet some individuals do still today believe they have the right to judge and dictate the feeelings of others. Can we control our feelings? I'd say no more than we can control the colour of our skin. And all hateful individuals, that call themselves "good citizens"should stop blaming God. Am I a Christian? I do not need a label. One thing is rather clear though, which any person would know if using common sense and that is that life is better with more love (any kind) and less hate. Would you not agree?
Enough preaching. Back to film thoughts, the clothes! The boys are so finely dressed and simply beautiful.

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