Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Cupcake, cherry coke and Big Red

Simple things that make you appreciate a simple day more: colourful pretty cupcakes with sweets on them! And although I don't like Coke that much I must say that cherries make everything better. I've heard that Big Red is what my darling Michael chews so I was pretty happy when I randomly found some here, never seen it before. Peculiar flavour, kind of like cinnamon mixed with chilli but we like peculiar things don't we?!


Alina said...

that big red freshness lasts right through it, your fresh breath goes on and on, while you chew it...

okay i should stop. but i must say, i too enjoy these three simple pleasures.


Anna said...

Hahah, no feel free to write as much as u like! ;)