Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Yellow shell

Found this romper in a vintage shop in May and although I really like it I've only used it once. So the other day I set myself on yellow romper mood and used my b-friend's bike as an accessory. As long as I'm not on the bike it's all good. I tried getting on it the other day but since I can't even reach the peddles I thought: " No, I do not want to end up looking like a Big Bird-mess lying flat-faced on the curb...". And even though everyone's emphasising the arrival of autumn I just don't feel like walking around in a jacket and boots when it's 30 degrees (celsius) outside. No summer, I'm not done with you yet.


Elinor said...

omg! That is soo pretty! Love the colour!


Alexandra said...

LOVE it :)

Jennilie said...

Du har en himla cool stil måste jag säga! Du får gärna vara med i "läsarstilen" som jag har på min blogg. Det handlar om att inspirera och så gör jag "reklam" för din stil och blogg :) Om du vill läsa mer om det kan du göra det här: http://dayswithjen.blogg.se/2010/august/din-tur-att-sta-i-rampljuset.html

Annars får du ha en trevlig helg!