Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Summer companion

I has a backpack! Or do they call them gym bags? Anyway, this fellow has been a loyal companion of mine during this summer. I still haven't fully accepted back-packs as something I'd effortlessly just carry around instead of a handbag. In yo face fashion industry! You don't control me! Hahah, what a drama queen, ey? (I must admit, I have seen some which I like though eh...). However, a gym bag isn't fully a backpack, in my opinion of course hehe. And they bring back fab memories of when you were a kid and actually had your PE clothes in it at school. Mine was red with Micke Mouse and his gang on it, lurve! Found it not so long ago. It was well battered and tiny - aw! I do have some sweet memories of proper backpacks too though, hmm. To be continued...

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