Monday, 19 October 2009

Bargain boots!

Took my new H&M boots for a stroll this weekend and I must say I quite like them! A plus for not causing any blisters... The heel is just right not too high for everyday use and I'm glad they're not too high at the ankle. Most ankle boots are and that just makes my legs look very manly and chunky, not very pretty. They're quite roomy so they'll be great for winter too! Ok, I'll stop talking about my boots now before this turns into an essay...
Boots - H&M, Cardigan - Zara, Vest and sunnies - dad's old stuff


mahryska said...

looking good girl!!! =D hoolah from dubai. im following your blog. cheers!!

bloo. said...

omg !
you look awesome !!


Anna said...

thanks for the sweet comments! And Mahryska, so glad you´re following my blog thanks!