Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sun still going strong

Ok, so one of my legs look bigger than the other one in this photo (hopefully not in real life...) but what I wanted to mention is the fact that the weather still allows me to go dressed like this. Not that I don't love my collection of tights, as a matter of fact I just bought some new lovlies and will most definitely be buying more, but what I'm saying is that you can never have too much sun! Actually left Madrid to spend my weekend on one of the islands but can't really complain about lack of sunshine here either.

To be completely fair I did feel the need of a jacket in the evenings but we were up in the mountains, sort of...
First photo: shirt - b-friend's, shorts - super old cut offs, sunnies - Rayban, plastic shoes - Carrefour
Second photo: jacket - old H&M, tee - b-friends, skirt - ASOS

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